Sunday, January 29, 2012

this will belong to a new owner: FT ISLAND OFFICIAL LIGHT STICK

Mood : don't ask.
Music : Alice Nine - Ray

hi hi minna.. again.
well, i am searching for anyone who interested to buy this.

but if non-malaysian is interested and no malaysian pris wanna buy it, i'll consider to sell it through out the world. yes. it means i'll ship it any where. but the cost will be much higher than cod* the reason i wanna sold this cuz obviously, i am no longer a primadonna. i will not use this and i need money badly.

now there's one more. is anyone out there want this? i bought it cuz i thought it was cool but i never use it before. i just throw away the plastic cover. hahas. anyone? ;DD it will be on my selling items as well. just RM10 ^^/


i iz not crazy.. izzit?

Mood : i don't what kind of mood i'm in right now. having blog-storm!!
Music : Alice Nine - Kaze Rin

yoit minna!
last night i went off to bed around 2230 and guess what? i woke up again at 0200 in the early fucking morning. for what? for this.

it's black for two days. i feel inappropriate if it continues as black on workdays cuz i work at legal firm. yeah. fuck my ass right. that's why i wanted to look for new job. i even search for job in Japan but unfortunately only ten job vacancy listed in Jobstreet for Jobs in Japan and none of them in my field of skills. fakku. i still hoping high of opening my own boutique. my ultimate dream.

i went back to sleep at 0530 after spending about three hours doing nothing. painting my nails only took around 1-2 hours depends on the messiness i made while painting them. i did it on both hands and feet. and tomorrow night i need to remove it and paint it back to black next friday. orz.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

i miss JB already

Mood : (-____-)
Music : Alice Nine - Gemini-0-Eternal

i just return from JB like four days ago and i started missing it. four days for holidays is not enough!! i missed my nekos already. i know i never put any picture of my nekos cuz of this baka jinx. they said cameras took nekos' souls. well, i kinda.... believe that cuz whenever i took picture of my nekos, they seems to be DIED not long after. of GONE MISSING. it's true! i thought that thing just myth but that shit really happens! that's why i didn't post any of my neko pics. cuz i don't wanna lose them! ><

by the way, i missed thing particular thing a lot. finally i manage to eat them on my take off day. KACANG POOL. really oishi!! made of beans of i-don't-know XD *cuz i asked my mom and she also didn't know what kind of beans are used* and we eat with toasted bread. i can only found it in JB. at LARKIN.

and as usual. what would you not do with our very own selca queen?? XD this is me on my way to the bus terminal XD

when risa cosplay reita... ;P

Mood : a bit on xDD
Music : Alice Nine - G3

oi oi minna! XDD
last time i was so fucking bored, i just did this. XDD
nyaha!! i love gazetto boys so much!! no biases! but if you want me to really choose just one, i 'll pick ruki. fufufu~~ i totally can't do a thing with that midget XDD

back to business ;)

Mood : a slight headache
Music : the GazettE - Naraku

konbanwa minna~ hey hey!! seems like the connection is back in business!!
nyahaha!!! there's  lot i wanna say here. first of all, i will be on my hunting for new job. i think i had enough at my current job. it's not like i can't take the pressure but going totally not in your field, it's really something you can't stay for last. law wasn't my field at all. tho the work seems to be not such a big deal but since i feel like i'm running everything in that damn office, i need to find back my path. so i have my dad advices and need more from him cuz i feel like going back to JB. i love KL. it's like my home and been living here since end of 2009 but i can't forever stay here at my aunt place. she got her two kids to raise and in this crowded home, i need my own space. oh yeah. i read joel's tweet about creating your own legacy and keep your creativity alive. it really moved me. oh! yes! i just followed him. joel. a.k.a joel madden. the guy from good charlotte. he's my super duper biggest celeb crush ever. i don't know from where i found him on twitter but yeah i did. when he decided to be with nicole, i was depressed. when he was with hilary, i also depressed. hohohohhh what kind of person am i?! so back to legacy and creativity thingy, i really wanted to get my ass back on fashion, sketching, designing garments again. man i missed that a lot!! i even had this while dream of becoming stylist/designer at ps company. what the hell?! hahas. that's me. that's what i do. i daydream a lot. you don't wanna stay in my brain! it's messy as hell! xDD but really, i would love to design for them! menswear is way easier and of course, your models are men, what else do you expect??!! xDD

jaa... i was actually watching vampire knight but got distracted by posting this entry. lmao

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

going back to KL. already.

Mood : just woke up.
Music : Alice Nine - Blue Flame

ohayou minna-san~
it's 0715h now and i have less than 4 hours before i'll take off. maaaannnn... what a suckerish feeling!  tomorrow is work. like the hell... i had strong feeling that the connection is still damn baka back in KL. at my house. oh well. THAT IS JUST PLAIN BAKA. and i still sneezing. my chest hurt! i will consume my third soluble soon. i'm gonna be so damn busy for the next three days. last friday, not many work has been done. geez. i hate this kinda pressure! and i think last night i am being over exaggerating about him. well, that's one of my traits. i easily over exaggerating over something. if you had problem with that, well, that's your problem. not mine. (¬‿¬)

ja~ mata ne minna! i need to do last minute packing. again, i hate packing. it's the thing i'll do last minute.

reminescing the old times. how i felt so closed to him.

Mood : start to be emo.
Music : the GazettE - PLEDGE great. just the right song.

yoi minna~
just now like couple of hours ago he tweeted something i never thought he would.
his tweeted his pic with taka. now, who the hell is taka? taka is my other baby i simply wanna keep in my pocket from One OK Rock. yes. that cute perm-haired guy. he's a year younger than me and i love his tattoos
i know he been listening to One OK Rock. i even blurt that out to him and frequently asked him to sing "WHEREVER YOU ARE" for me.
actually, i had this feelings that he actually read my tweets.
i told him about so many stuff. the mcr thing, one ok rock thing. a lot more.
when he tweeted that pic, i was so fucking shocked! i don't know why but the hell i am!
one of my dreams is to watch japanese bands live and that's included One OK Rock as well.
but he's a celeb. he can see exactly anyone without spending a penny for a show ticket. in fact, he can see them directly. like how he went to see taka. HE WENT TO SEE TAKA. HE WENT TO SEE TAKA. YOU MAKE ME WANNA DIE. you're not seeing double. i did repeat the sentence.
i am not hating him. i don't know how to describe my feelings about him. sometimes i just kept thinking about him. like what he's doing right now. haven't he eat. stuff like that. sometimes i feel like i hate him so much i just wanna make him disappeared. but most of the time i just felt so longing to him. i wanted to talk to him but i kept remembering the very last tweet i gave to him " さようなら "
but before that, long time a go, i tweeted this pic to him »

i know it's silly. i love doing silly stuff. but i tweeted this pic to him saying that "you look exactly like taka with that hair and i love it" and these two boys reminds me of Momo of manga Kimi Wa Petto.
now i feel so baka. LIKE FUCKING SHIT BAKA.
i think i need to sleep. besides, i'm going bck to KL tomorrow. my bus is at 1100h. i need to wake up early.
jaa~ mata ne. besides i need my second dose of panadol soluble now. i hope my cold wont get serious.

Monday, January 23, 2012

second purchase from cdjapan! SILHOUETTE FROM THE SKYLIT~ ohoi!

Mood : a bit out of space cuz he tweeted his picture with taka. demmmmmmm
Music : the GazettE - DIM SCENE

kombanwa minna..
i know i should have post this like long long long time a go.
but thanks to baka connection at home, i am soooo not unable to do that. uploading picture will take forever.
as you all know, i make my second purchase with cdjapan. this guys really reliable!
remembered i said before that i promised the band well practically the guitarist that i will buy their album?
and i got this about a week ago!!! YATTA!!!!
THE PARCEL! JENG JENG JENG!! arigatou cdjapan-san!!! \ ˚▽˚ /

the cd!!! yatta!!! X33

inside look! too bad the band's picture are too small! but i think i know who is who XDD

selca queen never missed a chance ≧ω≦
the cd arrived on thursday. or was it friday? crap. i forgot already.
but i was fucking shocked as i saw the parcel on top of the ironing board. like it was making a surprise to me. hell yeah YOU'RE!!! ( ≧◡≦ )
i tweeted the last picture to the guitarist (rockwell-san) and the drummer (kou-san) and they were surprised! nyahaha!! me too sia!!! XDD
Kou-san asked me where i purchased it and i said "CDJapan" turn out to be he never heard about that site! he thought i bought it from Amazon ( ≧ω≦ )/
actually, i was kinda surprised to when i search in CDJapan and they have SFTS! i said, FAKKU! THIS SHIT IS GLORIOUS! nyahahaha!!
my fave songs are their single Fake and Going To Fade, Rainfall and Skyline. well all actually! ( ≧◡≦ )
after this i'm buying ScReW's BIRAN which will released on 15th Feb i think. forgot already
i already make it into my save list in CDJapan. just waiting for my salary to clear and then i can check out.
estimation of this purchase is around RM200.
and then i'm buying Alice Nine " 9 " album. i watched the teaser. holy mother of duck!!!

Alice Nine Teaser. Album will be released on 22nd Feb. but that i have to wait for my third salary to clear.
and then in August i'm going to buy the GazettE's DIVISION
i have calculate. I can shall do this as long as I didn't go shopping.
minna, don't asked to go shopping ne. i violated my rules once. ENOUGH OF THAT.

gong xi fa chai! xin nian kuai le!

Mood : just nice~ \(^ 0 ^)/
Music : Exist Trace - End-less i love this fucking all-girls vkei band!

Ohayou minna~!!!
it's monday and the first day of CNY!
to all my chinese readers, gong xi gong xi!! xin nian kuai le~!! want hong bao (angpau) can hor?? xDD
as uols know i got four days off of my work happyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
and it's been quite a hectic first two days since i came home.
my aunt got re-married which was a big shocker for me.
my mom said it on saturday and the wedding reception was yesterday.
and yesterday also, i went to Jusco Tebrau City.

one of the chinese flower deco at the foyer of Tebrau City
what would you not do with a selca queen?? xDD
well whaddo you know~~
and bought two tops at Padini.
i shouldn't be spending anything. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!
i shouldn't be blinded and defeated by that baka price tag of RM19 each.
in the end, i bought TWO. the hell...
plain shift dress. gomen for the low quality pic.
another top. it supposed to be green stripes.
therefore, i shall not EVER EVER EVER LIKE FOREVER EVER well maybe not forever. that's impossible SHOPPING UNTIL I SUCCEED MY DREAMS »

3. TO GO TO THE GAZETTE LIVES. and other bands too.

actually it's been rather suckish days since yesterday cuz suddenly i got cold. my nose is fucking blocked and i can't breathe properly.
thank you very much to who ever spread that fuck virus.
ja mata ne!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

i'm goin home~ (^ 0 ^)/

Mood : eksited
Music : tak dengar pa lagi dalam bas karang baru bukak

yosh! ohayou minna!!!
hi hi psychedelic chan!

ini ari i akan balik umah yang lame dah tak balik.
ari tu balik mase raye aji pon kejap jek kat umah.
pastu balik umah nenek pulak.
bontot pon tak panas lagik.
so hopefully 4 days of worthy holidays for me!!
i ade less than one hour nak naik bas.
skung i kat tbs. sat lagi nak naik bas dah.
Ya Allah, semoga perjalanan ku selamat tiba... Aminnn~~

line tepon + internet kat umah sini still cam bangang.
hopefully kat umah nanti clear se-clear clear nye!!!

luggage yang siap malam tadi. :3

tuan puteri on the way ke lrt. sempat lagi nak berselca tepi jalan. *duhh~~ XP*
time to take off people!!

Friday, January 20, 2012

tanjobiomedetou aoi sama!

Mood : striving to finishes off work
Music : the GazettE - Guren

ohayou minna!!! 
hi hi psychedelic-chan!
guess what day is today???? X33

nyaha!!! :33
as sixth gun, i participated in the GazettE fan pages for Trending Project on twitter to trend his birthday
with tag(s) » HappyBDayAOI or AOISuperStar
and guess what minna?!
in less then 10 mins, it was made on WWTT!!! stands for World Wide Trending Topic if you didn't know~

i still remember when i *was* a pri, we tried hard to trend FT Island. it tooks lotsa time to reach World Wide Trending Topic but this...
and it is double happiness when both tags when together as HappyBDayAOI AOISuperStar!!!!

i wonder if he ever check on twitter last night using other's account of course!! XDD and saw that trending topic!
probably, his reaction:

"What the fuck?! Are they trending my birthday??!!!"

nyahahahaha!!! XDDD
sou... to Aoi sama, i wish you happiness in this world can give and stay cheeky as you're always be!!
i love you and all the boys in gazetto!!! 
oh! not to mention!! papa's birthday is next!!! nyaha!!
i am in heaven~~~ *flies*

now, lets return back to work. i need to finish ALL my work by today. fakku.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

another bump

Mood : like shit.
Music : D'espairRay - Marry The Blood
Location : Office

hey minna~
it's been a while. i miss psychedelic (this blog name, geddit?) a lot.
again i'm having my depression mode on.
and it's getting worst since 14th Jan.
why that date?
cuz that's the date he came.
and since that, i mind can't stop thinking about him.
like what the hell, man?!

and i haven't be here cuz of this lame baka connection problem i'm having.
well, that's nice, wasn't it???
fakku you!!

and this week i'm going back to JB.
my mom said the line there is A OKAY
alright, lets see!
i shall be blogging from there.
four days at home sweet home with mah nekos :DD
i'll post the entry of the second parcel i got from CDjapan.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

no more miss lil' j

Mood : still okay tired cuz of the traffic
Music : the pretty reckless ♥

ohayou minna~
maa... remember on my old entries i talked about Gossip Girl?
yeah.. that is my old time favorite TV show! and of course chuck~
and if minna watched it, be sure to know lil j right? or Jenny Humphrey?
she's my favorite character of GG! ah! i forgot that i used to use the word "G G" as my blog title! yeap. it stands for Gossip Girl.
and this lil j is no longer a down-to-earth, nice and all...
check out her band! her very own rock band! they are called The Pretty Reckless
i totally adore her voice.
truth is, i discover this band quite long a go but haven't got the time to introduce them if you still haven't knew
her voice is so good! very nice sort of southern husky rock voice.

and her style is soooooooooooooooooooooooooo awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!
she still got that "fashion sense" from gossip girl but she twist it into more darker, goth look which I LOVE!
her eye make-up just so WOW!! hehe.. panda eyes...
like papa */////*
listen to their songs like Make Me Wanna Die, My Medicine, Zombie and others and YOU DON'T WANNA MESS WITH HER i'm tellin' yah! 

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

kasi sedas penyepak nak?

Mood : geramsssssssssssss
Music : Jessie J - Do It Like A Dude

i tengah gerams nih!
gerams ngan court yang ternyatalah terserlah ke-!@#$%^&*-nya
ade ke patut docs summons yang i pi filing dia leh lupuskan??
sep baek tak bayar lagi...
tapi nih had satu lagi yang i dah bayaq nih..
sape nak bayaq balik??? ko kew?? ko nak bayaq balik??
tak ke cam *tuttttttttttttttttttttttttt*
yang ko leh sesuke hati nenek ko pi lupus barang orang pasai pa???
bodoh tul!
rase cam nak sepak jekkkk!!!!
tangan nih dah gatal nak lempang orang nih!

amik ko!!!!!!!!!!!!

satu bulan satu barang

Mood : agak stress pasal duit le. DUH~
Music : the GazettE - Calm Envy keep calm and listen to the GazettE ♥

konnichiwa minna...
ari ni i dengan jayanya meng-transfer amount yang sepatutnye ke account i yang satu lagi. orang banyak bank le katekan
and yesterday i dah open PayPal account. tadi try top up tapi tak leh pulak. celake tul. tak pe. sat lagi wat balik.
lagi satu. i dah wat kekira. pakai otak jek beb
setelah tolak bill, tolak ptptn, tolak tu, tolak nih
i HANYE leh beli SATU barang SATU bulan.
agak ke-celaka-an kat sini tapi i think that's the best lah.
lagi pon i sedor... i nih kaki boros. shopaholic.
and azam i tahun nih tak nak shopping. no new bags, no new shoes, no new clothes. ye ye owh jek dak nih
lau dah rabak bag tuh, kasut tuh, pakai jek.
lagi pon lau i beli baju lagik, tak tau nak sumbat kat mane. almari dah penuh. fully loaded. sampai terkeluar-keluar baju-baju tuh dari almari.
dengan itu, i boleh save money untuk pembukaan boutique i nanti jeng jeng jeng i'll make sure it WILL come TRUE!
and i leh beli barang online hek eleh.. tu same lah ngan shoppping... DUH!
alah! suke lah! :P
next month i nak beli barang the GazettE! hopefully offical merch diorang if my PayPal account berjaya di-topup!
doakan kejayaan i yek uols sume!!! muah!!! i love you lah! ♥♥♥
papa! wish me luck ne!!
nyaaa~!!! i love you papa~~~~!!!!!! >///////////////<
tell all gazetto boys to send me their support too ne!!! X3

owhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh~!!! aoi sama!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >////////////////////////<
i think that one... leave it to ruki for me~! *w*

dah. i nak bekerja dengan kuat tahun nih!
ja mata ne! 

Sunday, January 1, 2012

my shoxx mag arrived on new year's eve!

Mood : happy!!! for no reason
Music : i'm watching 'zombie kampung pisang' while doing this. lmao

konnichiwa!!! happy new year minna-san!!!
today is special cuz i'm updating my blog at cik amy's house! hohohh!!
i came yesterday after i collecting my far.king parcel at the post office.
so... this is it!!! my wait finally paid off!!!
i spend almost RM100 probably more if i gotta count the cost to collect the parcel
like whutt?? 2010. YEAH. 2010. NOT 2011. STILL I'M LOVIN' IT!!!
besides, it's a brand new mag although it's a last year issue! the smell is JAPAN smell!! X33

so now i have a part of japan production!! muahahah!!
and there's a quite embarrassing story behind it on how i went to collect my mag.
okie. so i left home, without breakfast and took LRT to pandan jaya.
from there i took a cab to the collection centre.
and the worst thing is, i forgot to bring my ID.
i realized it when the post officer asked my ID.
and i remembered that i put my ID in other purse on friday when i went to the bank that morning.
and i am stupidly enough to took out that purse without remembering that my ID was in there.
dakara, i have to go back home and return back to the collecting centre at taman shamelin and return back home.
okie. i supposed to go straight to cik amy's house but again, i forgot something else. fakku.
so i came back home. and i changed my bag and bring kiki along.
and just now, kiki was invaded by ants!! fakku you ants!!!
they went inside the keyboards!!! urgghh!!!
souka!!! i snaps all the entire process of "UNPACKING THE SHOXX PARCEL"


the posting consignment note :) arigato toshi-san!!! he's probably the CDjapan staff :D

unraveling the package!! nicely bubble-wrapped!  

the packing slip!!

tah-dah!!! voila!!! unwrapped!!! THE FRONT COVER!!!! XDD

the back cover!!! XDD

T H E  P O S T E R ! ! ! ! ! *________*

behind the front cover! two pages cover story intro!

OH MY GODDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *^*


Ruki *my darling* exclusive personal interview page >///<

Aoi and Uruha pin-up!!! *____*

Uruha exclusive personal interview page!!! *^*

Aoi exclusive personal interview page!!! *q*

Reita exclusive personal interview page!! *t*

Kai exclusive personal interview page!!! *,*

Kai and Reita pin-up!!! *&*

the gazetto pin-up page!!!! sugoi!!! KAKKOIIII!!!! >///////<
and you can guess whether i screamed or not from the moment i open the package until i saw Ruki's face on the pages obviously~ duh!
and i screamed HARD!!! MUAHAHAHA!!!
so... i wanna say million gazetto thanks to » CDJapan « for this amazing stuff. i will definately shop here again! yeah! i'm planning to buy Silhouette From The Skylit album which launched on 23rd Dec 2011.

actually, i wanna post this yesterday but i got headaches until now. buti just can't help myself to open kiki and post this out!! X33
and i'm feelin'...

ja mata ne!!!
i'll try to post the screen cap i took for jun's nico nico and alice9 channel nico nico as well~!
now me and cik amy gonna watch jackie chan's movie! 
and our dinner is two large cheezy lava pizza! XDD