Thursday, December 29, 2011

nico nico douga - how to create account

Mood : a bit sleepy.
Music : ViViD - Blue

kombanwa minna...
so, like i said before, imma tell you how to register to nico nico douga.
it is like japan version of youtube.
so as, it also hosting live streams like tonight's ViViD show i didn't watch it tho
and tomorrow! YES! tomorrow.
muahahaha!!!! it will be on nico nico tomorrow night. around 2100 japan hour. or 8pm malaysia time

so! what do you do first to register to nico nico douga?
lmao. you need to go the the site here!

and this is how to register » click here for registration guide «

ok. i'm just to lazy to do one by one.
and my best advise, use goggle chrome.
it has page translator that makes it a lot easier. X3

it does, does it? now you have nico nico account, you can watch alice9 channel tomorrow.
ano... nani bb? what do you wanna say?


my bb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >////////////////////////<


hahahaha!!! enjoy minna!!!
imma off to bed!
see you tomorrow at nico nico!!
beware. i might unleash my fangirl alter ego tomorrow. twitter followers, get ready as purinsesu risa will come and flooded your timeline with her spazzing X3

bye bye! chu~ ;*

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

end of year... rabbit

Mood : not in the mood
Music : the GazettE - 13Stairs[-]1 fakku. i need to load more songs at my office

konnichiwa minna.
few more days and 2012 will arrive.
i just remembered that this is the year of the rabbit.
and how feng shui just messed up my life!
it has not been a RABBIT-FUL year at all!! orz
it's clearly to me that feng shui? huh, what ta fakku.
and to add to the most un-rabbit-ful year, kazu just announced that he and the rest of Screw will have Europa Summer Tour next year.
whutttt??? naze you had to say it now?
why don't you say it next year???
and this year is the year to witness how MA MONEY FLOWS LIKE A WILD RIVER. LIKE A TSUNAMI. LIKE FAKKU.
i spent more than thousands just on kpop stuff that for sure i will not use but still i bought it.
not to mention the concerts but it's a very priceless moments.
and all the other stuff i bought. shoes, clothes, bags. make-ups. URGH!!
i should be saving my money for my i-don't-know-when-will-be-open-boutique-but-im-sure-it-will-one-day!
so i've decided!!! 
i shall not visits malls, shops or any types of places that will contributing to let my wallet says 
"aww come on... just a little won't hurt~"

that's just bullshit!

papa!!!!!!!! how could you!!! TT___________________TT
you should save me from my own money!!! the devil just possessed it!!!

i can smell it...

Mood : i'm working. what kind of mood will that be?
Music : the GazettE - Filth In The Beauty [2009 PSC Carnival live]

ohayou! risa chan desu.
today the "orang atas" wanted me to go and transfer the account for salary...
i smell something fishy...
something isn't right...
i know i should be happy.
probably early salary this month unlike previously...
but i can't help myself to feel that something isn't right.
oh god, please let me instinct be wrong~~

ada udang sebalik mee nih...

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Screw Tv Show! Annoucing European Tour!!

Mood : sad!!! but still happy for european fans
Music : Screw - Gather Roses

kombanwa... again :p
i just finished watching SCREW TV live via music JAPAN plus on ustream.
and it was fucking hilarious!!!!
everyone is just so hyper!!
but somehow byo seems to be quite... quiet... huh?
and kazuki is the mc as for today and also the last episode of the year
yep. they announced it on last episode it was byo and jin's last time
and it's just a simple one hour Screw On Art Show.
Fans can tweeted to the members to participate in Screw Tv Show as they asked the fans to guess what they are supposed to draw according to the clue given.
and of course i did! to Rui! :3333
i screen-cap few here! property of mine. credit if you wanna take it. sankyu.

jin introducing the show. he's always do that! :3

Screw On Art. first person » jin! it's actually... chihuahua?? i guessed neko at first. but the more i looked at it, the more it looks like koron!!! nyaaa~~~!!! :33

Rui is next. A Ferris Wheel! uhh.. imagine me and rui on top of stopped Ferris Wheel~ :3

Lolll... Jin is indeed the comedian in Screw!!!

byo's expression just... lmao!! "raping status : plotting!!" buahahaha!!

Next is Manabu. The KFC Colonel. i guessed an old man! lmao!

byo never leaves any chances to bully jin. >_<

Rui showed what fans guessed on twitter through his ipad :33

Next is kazuki!!! it kitty!! hello kitty to be exact! :33
"the ribbon is the symbolic. it's important"

clue from kazuki. "kitty"

this what byo drew! lmao!! i guessed an alien at first!! XDD

clue from byo. "kaonashi"
now everyone drew the final drawing of the show. it supposed to be Majin Boo from Dragon Ball Z

just look how high manabu's legs is!! >////<

manabu's version

rui's version. does it look so perverted??!!! *q*

kazuki's version. looks like a veggie to me!! :33

jin's version. so far, he's the best artist! jin good at drawing!

and.... byo drew kaonashi again! with different colored pen! XDD

manabu's last words for the show."give your best regards again next year"

kazuki's last words. "many personal things happened to me this year"
yeah.. seems like it.. his grandma's death is one of it. and then he announced their Summer European Tour!!

so byo decided to bully jin even more! hohohhh xDD

last words from jin. "Ok, then until the next #SCREWTV, next year. HAVE A NICE DAY! Bye bye!"
maybe i should move to europe. 
truth is it's easier to find jrock stuff there than in my very OWN ASIAN COUNTRY.
huh... my country sucks.. easy to find kpop stuff. no chance for jrock stuff. 
what the fakku??
okie. i just move to japan. that's even better, right??
check out Screw One Man Tour schedule for next year!! credit to kazuki's blog

ah yes! this 30th is nico nico Alice9 Channel!

everyone needs to register to watch nico nico live here!!

i'll will post on how to register to nico nico douga ne!!
jaaa~ mata ne!

how i spent my day-after-kurisumasu

Mood : a bit sleepy. a bit hungry
Music : Screw - As Cold As Marble

kombanwa minna-san...
so... i wasn't really a total shut-in this weekend after all.
i went out on family outing yesterday with my aunt, her two kids and my grandma.
opah, kimi, uda & syuhada

we went to Times Square to catch a movie.
Malay movie to be exact. urf~
it's horror comedy but still, not up to my standard. why did i ever agreed to watch this, i don't know.
then we walked up till Pavilion.
Pavi is just so pretty!!!
one of the best kurisumasu themes i ever seen!
at sticky pavilion kl

kurisumasu tree outside pavilion

and of course. it's not complete without me in the picture.
me. uglayyy~~~ *-*

so it's kinda like a wonderful outing yesterday cuz i was so fucking bored at home.
oh. on kurisumasu eve kyle patrick came to malaysia.
kyle. you don't know him?
ho ho hohhhhh
he's the dude from click 5.
hehehehhh... i thought i wanna go and see him at Fahrenheit 88 but cik amy is not around.
so that's how i spent my day-after-kurisumasu ♥
bye! :3

antara hari yang paling boring

Mood : malas tapi tengah keje lagik
Music : the GazettE - Baretta

konnichiwa~ sangap
today beta terasa sangat malas dan mengantuk...

dah tu jek.

Monday, December 26, 2011

dem postman. you're just as dem as bullshit.

Mood : frustrated and angry!
Music : the GazettE - Kantou Gogeza Kumiai

ano... i;m back!
and i just had to let this out of ma system!
that damn fakku postman.
you are an ASSHOLE you hear me?
yesterday i got a parcel collecting card stuffed into my postbox.
and guess what?
that dem postman seems to think i wasn't at home.
what the fakku?
i was at home the whole day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i saw that asshole postman went out front the postbox swaying around with no parcel with him.
and for you info, he didn't even makes effort to climb those dem stairs and hand-delivered my stuff.
he's a total asshole and this is just bullshit.
dude, you don't have to be a postman if that's how you work. jerk.
i had this HUGE feelings that the parcel is my SHOXX mag i ordered few weeks back.
what a asdfghjkljkl fakku!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
now i'm loathing the postman. that particular guy to be exact.

ne.. papa!! how him what you got!!

how i spent my kurisumasu weekends

Mood : possesed
Music : the GazettE playlist
Language : English

konbanwa minna-san~
first and foremost, MERI KURISUMASU!!!

so this week has been a shut-in for me.
and i spent my hours catching back to my readings.
and this is what i'm reading up until this hour...
"some lovers are meant to be... others are cursed"
i totally into this kinda books.
dark romance. dark fantasy.
i'm a sucker at it.
and nothing makes my mood so up while reading this book than listening to the GazettE's.
every songs especially from DIM album fits perfectly with every lines i read.
ruki's voice just sent chills down to my spirals and the music they made just makes me frozen and makes me feels like i was in the story itself.
this book. i bought it i think about a year a go? yeah.
it was months before i quit my first job.
and this my first book.
and i'm reading it back.
before, i read this book while listening to series of MCR and Evanescence's.
of course it sounded nice. especially evanescence's.
all the haunting songs from this band just set the RIGHT mood while reading this title.
but this time around, i'm making a nice twist to it.
listening to series of japanese songs while reading a story about magical historic dark romance.
i really recommended you guys to read this title.
if you love the Twilight Series, you just gotta love this.
it has a nice spin to whole dark romance genre.
it wasn't about vampires. this one special. the one that seems so real than vampires. you didn't even know if vampires ever existed
this is about magical creatures, more powerful than vampires.
like witches. but they called themselves as CASTERS.
and the nice twist inside this title was the history lessons included. CIVIL WAR.
oh yeah. i sucks at history in school. my most least favorite subject next to maths. seb bek sejarah lulus time SPM
but fear not. this title isn't boring at all! the more you read it, the more you involved into it.
and as for me, POSSESSED
and i just couldn't get enough of it.
i love the whole idea about the female characters possessing supernatural powers and on her edge of falling either into a good side or evil. she went to be good in the end. as always in all romance story. but i would love to see the opposite. really. i, which more into "bad" things than "good" thing :P

this is how i spends my kurisumasu ho-ri-day.
kinda... boring ehh??

Friday, December 23, 2011

unmannered cute driver - "adekah kita berjodoh?" edisi dem you!

Mood : blur agak penat baru sampai umah
Music : Avril Lavigne - Anything But Ordinary lame siut tak dengaq lagu nih

konbanwa minna-san....
aiyoh... penat seh baru sampai umah.
erm... i rase la kan, i nih ade jodoh ngan driver cute i tu. kyaahhh!!!
yek la.. pagi dapat jumpe dia. balik dapat jumpe dia.
ekceli dah berape minggu i tak jumpe dia tau.
tup tup ari ni pagi petang i dapat jumpe dia hati dah berbunga-bunga
tapi mase balik tadi ade sikit spoil la...
sebab i masih terase dia dok tease i pagi tadi kan
i duk belakang. memang belakang youuuuuu!!!!
tapi yang tak i sangka dia pakai hoodie kaler same ngan i tadi!! comei nya!!! kawaii!!! :3
i pon pakai hoodie sebab sejuk gila. dah tu ujan pulaks.
kebetulan i keluaq opis bas dia pun mai, i pun teruih naik.
i nampak bas dia memula tak perasan tu dia tapi dok perasan lah dak conductor tu yang sama cam pagi tadi.
dah tu i terus tau memang dia drive.
fakku you! fakku you! demmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!
tapi sebab dia tease i pagi tadi, i tak pandang sangat dia and terus ke belakang sebabnye takde empty seat kat depan. dem.
pastu i siap leh tidoq sekali sampai umah.
dia bawak bas pon lately tak la se-unmannered dulu.
cam okay-okay ja.

hmm... bile you nak ajak i kuar nih? :3

that awkward moment

Mood : serabut lagik listing tak siap lagi woo~ (╥ ╥)
Music : Katy Perry - ET

"ija, cuti weekend ni balik kampung ke?"

"ah~ tak lah... raye cina kot. lame sikit"

"ah... ye jugak"

hmm.. tu lah convo paling awkward antara bos i the lawyer and myself mase kitorang pergh cam kengkawan jek wat dispatch tadi
dak dispatch ni pon satu... ari ni tak mai keje pulak
dah tu selase depan bos i mintak i pi court ngan dak tu nak settle kan hal court
adeke nak suh i merempit ngan dak tu ke court gilo apo?
cam hampess~

pulun day

Mood : serabut oi!
Music : the GazettE - Without A Trace jiwang woo!

gogo yoi minna-san!
ari ni i rase tersangat lah serabut sebab nak siapkan payment listing yang cam tak abis-abis nih!
huhu~~~ (╥ ╥)
dah ujung bulan nih kene lah wat kan...
kang yang kat ateh tu dok bising buat nanah telinga ja. puh-leez!
account tak balance la. nanti kena black list la. huh!
bos lak dah keluaq pi court.
takpa bos. hang tak yah masuk sampai balik pon tak pa.
weekend dia balik aloq setaq sampai had selasa.
yang bos lagi satu ari ni memang tak masuk.
pi mana, tak tau. balik aloq setaq gak kut.
sampai bila pon tak tau. lame sikit bos. aman opis nih ~ kuikui~
dia punya ayat lau nak blah tu cam biasa lah.

"okay zu, thanks ya,"

okie. had "zu" tu memang i tak paham. mana dia dapat nama i jadik "zu" pon tak tau lah.
sedangkan dia tau nama betui i.
kenkadang dia panggil ija gak. tu pon lau dia ingat.
sekarang i kena pulun kat opis nih siap kan listing yang cam celaka nih.
pastu kena wat service tax pulak.
i nih bukan lah orang perakaunan... pasai pa la i pulak kena wat suma nih...
bos pon , hire la sorang akauntan kat branch nih..
tau la yang kat ateh sana tu serba-serbi boleh puh-leez!
tapi i nih orang yang tak berkemampuan dalam bidang nomboq-nomboq nih. hoi!

and pasai pa pulak i dah dok cakap utara nih?
asai usui i pon perak tengah campoq johor ja.
fening~~~ @_@

tetiba rindu kat neko-neko i kat umah...
uhh neko, mama misses you!!!!

ahhh!! papa-san you do kitty!!!
mama wuv you!!! ♥♥♥___♥♥♥


unmannered cute driver - edisi suke ati i lah!

Mood : tercabar tapi tadi still cover gak
Music : the GazettE - Ruder

Ohayou minna-san!!!
ari ni i naik bas dia lagik.
seats agak lengang and as usual i akan duduk depan if he's the one driving.
tapi nih yang wat i hangin nih!
dak conductor tuh saje jek nak spoil kan mood morning i!
so what la if i nak duduk depan pon! yang ko kecoh sangat wat pe?!
pastu yang si driver tu pon dok tease sekali.
eeeekkkkkkkkkkkk!!!! cilake you!!!!!!!!!!!!
sampai ati you wat i cam nih!!!
you patut bersyukur sebab ade admirer cam i tau!!! >__<
yang dak conductor tuh bodoh la! pastu dia leh kasi heboh kat sorang lagi budak yang keje conductor gak.
ko memang kan!!!!
suke ati i lah nak duk mane pon!
and suke ati lah if aku got crush on that driver pon! ade aku susahkan keje ko??! hello~!!! 

menyampah mak noks!!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

leng lui :3

Mood : tengah keje
Music : Slipknot - Dead Memories

"morning auntie"
"morning, morning...
hai leng lui... today purple very nice"

morning convo i dengan auntie kedai urut

suke i ♥

nangis.. emo.. tak sesudah! - cam biase lah!

Mood : baik baik saje ari ni beta puase. ohoi!
Music : Alice Nine - Gekkou Yoku

ohayou minna-san my readers.
bace tak tajuk entry kat atas tuh? bace kan? KAN?
hmm! as usual, beta yang berhati kaca nih sekali lagi melakukan perkara yang same last night.
cam biase lah, malam tadi i sambung bace manga akuma de sourou and cam biase lah! 
i akan nangis tahap jiwang punye!
pastu cam biase lah i akan teringat kat mamat tuh!
so cam biase lah! 
i akan emo jek...
i memang benci bile jadik cam nih!
mula lah i imagine yang bukan-bukan pasal mamat tuh.
memang dia pembawa kepada emo-ness to me.

hmm... ari ni colleague i tak mai keje.
for your record, i TAK PENAH amik mc sejak i keje kat sini.
just cuti sempena raye jek. sekali je kowt.
hmm... k la. arini keje agak banyak.
orang atas dah bising sebab banyak sangat kuar duit dari account ofis.
ye la. ye la.
account tak balance. nanti kene black list.
bos kan banyak duit.
suh la bos top up sane sikit. sini sikit.
tak pon gaji bos tu kurang kan sikit. 
ko punye gaji pon kalah lawyer. kannn.....

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

mimpi... ngeri?

Mood : still lagik keje
Music : the GazettE - The Suicide Circus

oh! baru i teringat..
malam tadi i ade mimpi..
mamat tuh... orz
i mimpi yang i TERdengar lagu dia kat handphone i.
pastu terus i campak handphone i.
cam mimpi... ngeri.

waahhh papa~!!!! >n<
lau i mimpi u kan lagi bagus :3