Sunday, September 25, 2011

KMWMaaysia2011 x FTIsland x CRAZY DAYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

that's all i gotta say!
after all this time i'm adoring, loving, and all that fandoing of Kiki paid off after went to Korean Music Wave concert yesterday!
It was a crazeeeeeeeeeeeeeee day indeed!
i went with my dongsaeng pri Jin Ah around afternoon.
we went searching for our hubby's gifts first! ♥
i already bought mine long time ago.
it's skull printed t-shirt i saw at FOS Times Square!
i hope my precious gift safely handed to kiki >_<
i gotta say. this is my first time going to the concert.
and it's not going to be the last!
me and Jin Ah ♥

am I cute for Kiki? ♥

i'm a selca queen and kiki is my king ♥

peace bebeh! ^_^

people behind me before concert starts ∩__∩

i will definitely going to next FT Island concert!
at the concert  they played five songs!
» Hello Hello » Love Love Love » Bing Bing Bing » Bad Woman » I Hope
it was freaking asdfghjkl!@#$%^&* crazy!!!!!
although i was sitting at the free seating area, it still worth it!
seeing kiki perform live is like a dream comes true.
oh, since my purpose was to see kiki, and yes, my eyes are mostly set on kiki.
when the emcees (which was local chinese radio announcer, a guy from Arirang TV and U-Kiss' Kevin & Dongho) screamed out first band to perform was FT ISLAND, i was screaming like crazy!
IT WAS !@#$%^&* CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
All the Primadonnas who's with me screamed out lungs out!!
To finally be able to see FT ISLAND perform was HEAVEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I was waving my PENTASTIC FLAG and LIGHTSTICK like crazy!
I don't care if people behind me got irritated.
I'm there to support my baby and i'm doing it PROUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And the performance was EPIC!!!
I was sing-a-long crazily with others pris to all the song!
it was the PRIMADONNA MOMENT i won't ever forget!
these are some of the pics (KIKI PICS OF COURSE and some jae jin. fufu~~) i manage to capture last night.

during the stage interview, they been asked if they would come again to Malaysia.
and they said YES! oh baby JUST SAY YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and i'm definitely start saving again for their next SOLO CONCERT!!!!!!!!!!!!
oh, the emcees asked what Malaysian dishes they should try when they returned and we all screamed out some names. 
ROTI CANAI was picked! fufufufu~~~~
kiki, come again, and i'll treat you more than just roti canai! ♥
right after they finished, me, Jin Ah and my new found friend, WawaJonghunie rushed to the airport!
it was Jin Ah's idea to go to the airport to sent them off since the boys will be leaving the country that same night.
no doubt what-so-ever, we left the stadium.
at that time, Teen Top was performing next.
but as TRUE YELLOW PRIMADONNA, we'll do what ever we could to support our TREASURES including sending them off to the airport!
it was crazy! not in the plan at all!
but i did! we all did!
we took KLIA EXPRESS from KL Sentral to KLIA and arrived around 9.30pm
we saw some U-Kiss fans waited there to sent them off too.
we thought we was too late or something because we didn't see anyone that related to FT Island or KMW there.
but we didn't give up! IT'S A TABOO FOR PRIMADONNA TO GIVE UP!
so we waited until around 11.30 until we heard screams at the entrance gate!
they have arrived!
so we are not late at all! in fact, we are the EARLIEST PRIMADONNAS TO ARRIVE IN KLIA!!!
first it was 4 Minutes. then Teen Top. Then IT WAS FT ISLAND!
we all waited near the boys' van. manager Song was out first. then KIKI! kiki? Kiki?
i manage to took vid of him but it was bad quality cuz i was running.
all of them was walking really damn fast!!! 
he did turn to my side few times and his smirks was OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! >_<
i wanna took better pics but it's so difficult! but at least i did right??!!! 
i saw him LIVE with my own EYES! it's ALL WORTH IT!
*oh, while i was tagging behind him, he was wearing tank top and crop pants. his arms was~~~ OH MY GOSHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i can easily fallen into his arms right away! >_<
but that was the closest! THE CLOSEST I GOT TO HIM! 
i gotta say, i'm am freaking PROUD of myself!
but still, it's not enough! I WANT MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i hope FT ISLAND return to MALAYSIA again. JEBAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we all need you guys here!

Jae Jin, Kiki and Minari at the check-in counter

Kiki getting his bag scanned ♥

[top] Jonghunnie (grey shirt + holding cap) and [below] Kiki entering boarding hall

i return home after that and arrived around 2pm.
it was the most CRAZIEST experience in my whole life!
and i don't mind REPEATING it again!!!
and yeah~ i finished almost RM200 yesterday buying merch and transporting to KLIA!
kwenchanah! it's all worth it! d∩_∩b
*but otosan said not to do this "idol-chasing' thing again at the airport. yeah, going to airport without his concern. demo, otosan, i just GOT TO~~ >-<


Saturday, September 24, 2011

"uNmAnNeReD cUtE dRiVeR 5" - The Awkward Moment

Yes. finally i have my own awkward moment.
Tadi balik dari keje driver driver i amik.
*walaupon i hampir-hampir kene tinggal ngan dia. sampai ati u!
Today, kapasiti bas as usual lah. tin sadin pon kalah.
But that awkward moment happens just before my stop.
It's actually between one stop to my stop.
And cam biaselah, i duduk seat depan mengadap driver i.
Ari ni kan dia banyak senyum!
Kyaaaaa~~~~~~~~ ♥♥♥♥ I'm melting every time he smiled!
*U... jangan la senyum sangat. t i senyum sorang-sorang kang, orang cakap i gile. u senyum i cair tau~~
*oh tolong la.....
*shadap u!
ok. suda. back to the story.
So mase nak balik tu, ade la dalam kurang 2 minit sebelum turun, si konduktor tu duduk sebelah i.
Tempat duduk dah banyak kosong. i tengok dia pon penat gak.
Jadik konduktor ni penat tau. banyak berdiri. banyak menjerit. banyak... pegang duit.
Betul lah. duit tambang orang bayar kan?
ok. sambung.
Lepas dia duduk kat sebelah i, ade dua orang boys dress-up ala b-boy duduk mengadap i and si konduktor tu.
Pastu depa duk tersengih-sengih ngan si konduktor tu.
I tak tau ape yang klaka nye. kot lah si konduktor tu wat lawak bodoh ke ape.
I tak nampak ape yang si konduktor tu wat. mate i fixed kat driver i jek... fufufu~~~
Tapi kat situ lah start the awkwardness nye!
I, a girl. next to me, a guy. in front of me two guys. driver i, a guy lah. then sat at the dashboard (dashboard bas kan besar. leh wat tempat duduk) also a guy. probably kawan driver i. depa banyak borak.
Seats kan depan sume kosong. yang lain sume duk belakang.
I just realized i was surrounded by GUYS!!!!
Tapi i dapat rase yang budak b-boy 2 orang tu saja nak cocok si konduktor tu sebab dia duduk sebelah i.
Si konduktor ni pon muda lagi. muke cam budak lepas sekolah pon ade gak.

Lagi sekali i perasan yang driver i ade lah usha-usha i gak. Fufufufu~~~~~ ingat i tak nampak????
And lagi sekali i dah rolling citer baru pasal i ngan driver i kononnye kapel.... kya~~ ♥♥♥
*huk aloh, boleh gitu...???
*ehhhhhhh~~~~ suke lah....
*jap... sejak bile laks si cine driver tu established jadik "private driver" nih?
*ehhhh~~~~ dah name pon driver. lau pon driver bas. and memang secara logiknye dia drive i either pi keje atau balik keje. so, boleh je kan... "driver i" XP

Friday, September 23, 2011

"uNmAnNeReD cUtE dRiVeR 4" - delayed post

"Hohohoho~~~ arini driver i anta i pegi keje ∩__∩
Tapi arini masuk 4 ari i tak sihat-sihat lagi.
demam tu dah kurang.
oh yes. two days ago, i memang puke! on the roadside pulak tu!
tapi mase tu dah tak tahan, tak pikir ape lagi dah.
pikir nak kuarkan "benda alah" tu dari dalam badan jek.
lagi pon dah naik sampai ke tekak.
seb baik x de orang.
erm... x de kew???
lagi 2 hari Kiki akan balik. memang tak sabar!
hopefully, i recover on that day! >__<
*sebagai isteri yang solehah, i kene lah jaga kesihatan diri. tapi lau dah sakit... oh, kiki, please make me feel better~~~ hong ki-sama~~~~~~~~~~~
so, back to driver i tadi.
usually, i akan usha dia dari naik sampai turun.
today, i cam mengelamun jek.
AND... ehem! i perasan yang dia asyik toleh kat i.
Hohohoho~~~ u risau kat i kew? muka i nampak sakit jek kan...?? kan? kannn???
Yes, dear. i tak sihat. thanks for sending me off to work. love u. muah."

Entry ni patutnye di post semalam. tapi atas sebab musabab yang uols tak yah tau, i post arini.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Puke Puke Puke...

last night memang gile.
i memang demam teruk.
but today i'm still at the office.
i ingatkan semalam pikir arini nak MC.
kot-kot lah takleh bangun ke ape kan.
yesterday memang i tak larat langsung!
but today i rase tak demam sangat.
feel like vomiting jek.
*fufufufu~~~~~ princess ai preggie kew????? ^_<
aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh~~~~~~ ╥ ╥
memang betul lah.
dari pagi tadi. memang terase nak muntah jek.
tekak loya semacam!
Kiki! what have you doneeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~~~~~~~~~ 
Aren't we discuss about this already??? ╥ ╥
Ntah la...

Monday, September 19, 2011

Urgghhh~~~~~~ @~~@

Tak baek.
Mood: Kelaut.
Health: Memang hancus.
Menggigil-gigil dalam opis.
Sume sakit.
Mate sakit. Pewot sakit. Kepale sakit. Kaki sakit.Tangan sakit. Otot sakit. Urat saraf sakit. Tulang sakit.
Segalenye sakit.
Tapi still lagi dok tercongok kat opis.
Nak buat head-banging rase cam dunia ni berpusing 360 degress tak henti.
Arini bawak bento pi opis. Makan pon tak larat.
Bento simple jek. Ape? nahh~~~ don't wanna say here.
*princess ai ni tak reti masak...
Skung tengah nyanyik pulak lagu Dr. Dre feat. Eminem » I Need A Doctor.
Dem right i need it. But I'm not a person who loves going to doctor.
*cam kes nak biar melarat jek sakitnye...
Kiki asyik menjelejah jek.
Today dia arrive at San Francisco, California, US.
Kiki, why wont you take me with you? Am I not your ***lawful wedded wife???
*sudah, jangan nak berangan.
*ehhh.... dia nak ****balik Malaysia sabtu ni tau. Nak jumper isteri kesayangan dia ni... 
K la.
Ingat nak hu-ha arini. Dah kepala dah ting-tong camni... Hmmm...
Oh ye. yesterday memang hu-ha gak!
Finally dapat jumper my lovely dongsaeng Jin Ah. What a darling girl she is.
I wonder how she thinks about me...
We (me, Jin Ah and her friend from college) went to TS.
Ye, feveret spot i. Mane lagi?
Too bad, cannot shopping.
Poket kering tahap hampir boleh rompak bank.

Agaknye badan jadik camni sebab banyak kene ujan kot.
Nakal lah ujan ni...

Benci i.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Uhh... Ermm... Aaa...

Actually, i wanna say something but i dunno how to put it out.
Maybe because i had so many to say, i just couldn't post.
Ah! i will try!
So, let's do itttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*dah sah, minah ni tak betui*

Sunday, September 11, 2011

new obsession part 1

ingat tak dulu i ade post entry pasal obsession i pade anime tu. sekarang i ade new obsession!
it started when i first bace manga dia kat android phone i. then i dapat tau ade anime dia sekali. and this year kuar pulaks live action drama! kyaaaaaaaa~~~~~ ♥♥♥ i nak tengok semua! tapi one by one lah! i baru jek abis bace manga dia. now moved on to anime pulaks. later i nak tengok live action pulaks!! weee~~~~
ape tajuk? i akan citer later k! cha ne! ♥

Saturday, September 10, 2011


Jap lagi nak tengak anime *akan i cerita nanti* so later later i update lagi k!
bye! ∩__∩v

Macam melampau

Uols rase cam  melampau tak layout baru nih?
I ade rase cam tu lah.
Lau dah lame sangat I rase melampau, I tukar lagik, k!
Ok. Bye!

crush.... CRUSHHH??!! #>_<#

hahahahaha~~~ ni ade satu citer i nak bagitau! yesterday yakni jumaat, ade satu client datang opis i untuk open joint account kat bank. ye. yang jadi mangsenye i lah! masuk ni dah TIGA kali i bukak joint account. all untuk accident case clients. tapi yang before ni tak de lah semenarik yang sekarang nih!
ape yang menariknye???? fufufu~~~
okay, client ni bername tuuttttt *maaf, nama terpaksa dirahsiakan demi keselamatan dan privacy*
although dia ni non-malay, tapi dia tersengat lah, eh, tersangatlah QIUT!
ye anak-anak, QIUT.
*ko ni, asal mamat kiut jek.. mule nak menggelupur!*
*alah! suke ahh! bluekkkk! XP*
dah. sambung balik citer. ade jek yang memotong stim i nak bercerita! aishhh!!!!
okay. he's not only QIUT but also good mannered. tak cam driver cine tu. kiut jek tapi tak sopan langsung! ᄏᄏᄏ
tapi semalam, mase bukak account tu, memang i tak percaya sangat-sangat!
*tak caye ape? huhhhhh???? O__O*
okay! okay! he's QIUT, and also very good mannered. and also have a good job! and yang paling i sungguh tak percaya, he's same age as me! mase tu i terbace ic dia mase nak bukak account
*terbace la pulakkan... .____.*
*wahh!!!! sempat lagik tu kan!!! >//////<*
not only that, can you imagine??? his monthly income dia more than RM2K!!! WOW! i terus jadik cam nih → ♥___♥
fufufu~~~ bayangkan kalau yearly bape dia dapat??? @___@
*dah sah! ini minah memang mata duitan! hey! gold digger!*
*aloo! i'm not gold digger okay! just being impressive! dah la QIUT, gaji besar, job prospek pon bagus, sape yang jadik awek dia mesti beruntung kannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn~~~~~*
oh ye, dia keje kat maxis centre as customer service... officer? cam tu lah dia cakap semalam. maxis centre mane? SECREEETTTTTT~~~ fufufufu~~~
memang lah, dia tersangatlah sopan. mase nak separate *aicheh!* pon sopan jek... dia cakap pon sopan jek... kyaaaa~~~~~~~~~~~~~
*dah la tu..... -___________-*
okay. tu jek citer i. bye!

new facelift ∩__∩v

hello people! this is my new layout for this blog! ain't it lovelyyyyyyyyyyyy???? weeee~~~ ♥♥♥

Friday, September 9, 2011

"uNmAnNeReD cUtE dRiVeR 4"

wah! lagi entry pasal mamat cina nih???
fufufufu~~ I'm crazy about this fella! Even though he's chinese! xPP
Yesterday memang hari bertuah i dapat balik naik bas dia! Tetiba jek secara automatik i menukar sifat i kepada gadis yang sopan santun *aicheh!*
i masuk bas dia pon malu malu kitty jek... control cun lah! luckily dapat seat depan yang leh nampak dia ♥__♥
Tapi bile tengah perjalanan dah ramai orang, i punye view kene block! shilake betul lah! >__<
tapi yang tak tahan nye.. time nak balik lepas turun dari bas, i sempat kasi dia satu pandangan yang dia memang perasan! i siap leh nampak expression muka dia bile i look at him! cam dalam drama lax rasenye! kyaaa~~~
Ok. tu jek i nak cerite. Bye~

I'm A Princess! :D

I'm a princess! Yes! It's true! I'm not kidding! Ask my mom! ∩__∩

Wah!!!!! @____@

Lama suda tuan puteri ni tak update blog kan? sian blog ni di tinggalkan sebegini rupa...
*kasi cubit sama tuan puteri!
Ehhhh~ sakit tau! Berani sungguh tuan hamba mencederakan beta! Beta sangat murka sekarang! Usa-chan kickkk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ok enough peoples! *Drama tadi dibawakan khas oleh Kedai Mak Som Jambul ^_^v*
Ok lah... Sorry sorry~ *bukak lagu Super Junior* Mianhae~ Gommenasai!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >_<
Bukan ape... beta, eh, I tersangatlah sibuk dengan life I!
*chis! poyo jek minah ni! Life konon! 24 hours dok kat twitter, LIFE! haktuih!*
TT_______TT waaaa~~~~ sedihnye diri ini.... takpe lah... I akan cuba sedaya upaya I yang tak berapa ni untuk update blog tercinta ni.
*poyo lagik!!!! dushhh!!*
Maafkan beta, eh, I sebab meninggalkan uols tanpa kabar berita. tup tup ade entry baru lepas raya. Ehhhhh~~~ Raya lah! weeeee~~~~ uols banyak dapat duit raya?? I?? fufufufu~~ Mestilah dapat.... tak banyak sikit... janji ade orang nak kasi *baik bagi, lau tak lebam bijik mata! kahkahkah*
*Eh eh, dah tua pon dapat duit raya??? @___@*
*Ehhhh~ I muda lagi tau!!! Orang pon still ingat I sekolah lagik! fufufufu~~~*
Anyways, I nak ucapkan SELAMAT HARI RAYA to uols yang sudi menjengah blog I yang I sayang sangat-sangat! OK! I akan try update satu persatu!
See you in next enty!!!
L♥ve lots! chu~~ `3`