Tuesday, February 7, 2012

severely hurt... damaged... broken...

mood : i don't want to describe it
music : the GazettE - chizuru (thousand cranes) how perfect

can i asked you something? what if there's this one thing that you should let go but you just can't? i am struggling. struggling to let go. this pointless emotions i'm having but it's hard. no matter how hard i tried.


mood : -___-
music : the GazettE - A MOTH UNDER THE SKIN

sumimasen minna for long pause. ever since i re-activate my tumblr, i've been there until i got love message from tumblr to quit reblogging for a day. like fak. seriously, tumblr is very addictive. once you had it you can't stop. dear mr tumblr, it's a blog site, you can't limit blog post. sincerely, an addicted tumblr user.

by the way, i just got home from seremban. went to cik amy's new house. cik amy oi, balik la kl.. sedey i tau nak gi umah u.. udah le jauh.. T^T so we went to watch movie for after a long time. we watched Journey 2 at seremban 2 jusco. not bad... not bad... and i got myself a stuff. man.. i don't like this... i really don't... i fuck my shopping rules again! AGAIN!! and got me self a new le shades. from MOMOE ^^/

and now i am in confusion over to buy or not [ biran ] this month of should i wait until next month and buy " 9 " along. therefore i can save on shipping fees. i think. hmm. i think it can be done then. to save on shipping fees. i shall ask CDJapan about this.