Sunday, July 10, 2011

my new babies!

i can't believed i did it!


i got these last thursday!

when i went to post my super sweet present to my dongsaeng~

siao leh! got two hor! hahahaha
heh! cool kan! kaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnn?? ~.~
this one comes with a poster! kyaaaaaaaa~ 
so, practically, i'm very proud!

however, so many more to be in my collection!

the only hindering it was MONEY!

so i must work hard...

although my job SUCKS, STUPID & LAME

i had too!

okay. i should be greatful coz i got a JOB!

so, until next time!


swing swing

i rarely been in facebook.


i also don't know.

maybe facebook tends to gets so bored.

i mostly hang out at twitter.


where i tweet non-stop with my hunney.

don't hate because i love him so much.

oh! welcome back princess ai.

lately my moods changes so often.

at first i was very happy.

later then, i'm in the most baddest mood ever.


i wasn't PMS-ing all time okay!

that just me.

my moods swings so easily.

please don't hate me.