Saturday, June 18, 2011

my first bought album!!! kyaaaa~

omonaaaaa!!! i went to mid valley today and got myself FT Island's album!

(oh, actually purpose i went there is just to watch movie with my bestie, miza a.k.a miss amy ^____^ )

although it's not RETURN but still, i wanna collect all their albums! and i got one! kyaaaa~ ©©©

COLORFUL SENSIBILITY PART II ( couldn't find part one but this is the only album available in that store so i just grab it!! hahahahaha )

>> proud primadonna <<

my next quest? to get the entire album! buahahahahaha

welcome back princess ai ^^

yes. it's been a long time! it's been tremendous roller-coaster ride for me in these few weeks.

first, one of my colleague resign. therefore, hesitantly, i had to do all the work in the office. which is big-time SUCKS and tiring. however, there's something i like beyond all that. just one! my salary got raised! woohoo.

secondly, remember about the brand new phone that i been longing to have? yeah? yeah? buahahahahahaha~ now, it's MINE! although it's not iPHONE 4 neither SAMSUNG GALAXY S nor LG OPTIMUS 2X, still, it's jjang! my lovely HTC INCREDIBLE S (it's android 2.3.3 gingerbread phone) weeeeeeeeee~

yes! i'm effin' lovin' my new phone!!! it can twitter (kyaaa~ ©© ) , facebook (as usual, wae i found FB kindaaaa... boring these days O_o), tumblr-ing but i still can find any software for blog in android market T_T

anyhuuu~ here's my baby ~ (it's in red! my COLOR!!! kyaaaaaa~ ©©)

ain't it sexayyyy? LOL

omooo! is that my hunney Ki?? kyaaaaa~ ©©

so? so? nice right??? keureh! hahahaha~ 

okay. stop.