Tuesday, May 15, 2012

what are friends for?

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konnichiwa minna. lame tak ber-blog ne? sebabnye beta sangat sibuk sekarang. sibuk mencari duit. tapi bukan itu yang beta ingin sampaikan di entry ini.

now officially, i am on hiatus mode. all my social network accounts. include this blog lah. la ni i dah tak dak masa nak online sangat. tapi bukan ini perkara yang i nak sampaikan sebenarnye.

i actually nak tau maksud sebenar "KAWAN".

ape itu kawan sebenarnye? seseorang yang boleh kita harapkan di masa kita dalam kesusahan? seseorang yang boleh kita share kegembiraan?

hmm... i don't see that in my life. seriously. no. up until now i don't know sape yang boleh i labelkan sebagai kawan. friends are forever but i can count with less than FIVE fingers sape yang i boleh kate my friends. and sape yang i can give my trust. the percentage is less than 1%.

yeah... no one in this world i can considered them as friends when they don't even take me as their own. i'm just someone they know. or knew. and so they'll be just someone i KNEW.

dakara... what a friends for?

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